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Internet Security
Your Transaction is Safe & Secure

Crowned Eagle does not contact its clients or anyone else by e-mail to confirm credit card or financial transactions, or to confirm or request personal account information or any other type of sensitive information.

Internet Security
In Internet Banking as with traditional banking methods, security is a primary concern. At Crowned Eagle Bank we have taken every precaution necessary to be sure your information is transmitted safely and securely. We make every effort to protect your online transaction by using the security built into your browser in combination with our own security infrastructure.

Our internet banking system brings together a combination of security technologies to protect data transmission. Our system features password-controlled system entry, and issued Digital ID for the bank's server, the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol for data encryption, and ISA firewall to regulate the inflow and outflow of server traffic.

While we have taken extensive steps to enhance the security of your private financial information, we felt it important to share with you that, we have utilized the latest technology to secure our users connections.

The principle behind our system is one of the highest adopted by most big banks in Britain and USA . We adopted ISA bridging and SSL tunneling. In the process ISA acts on the clients behalf and encrypts the request then forwards it to the target web server. Electronic requests received over the internet by Crowned Eagle Bank are subject to monitoring and validation for authenticity and appropriateness.

Electronic requests are filtered through combination of computer hardware and software designed to protect against inappropriate requests.

This is accomplished by filtering internet traffic and allowing only the traffic that is necessary to send acceptable data requests. For your benefit we have invested a lot to make your transaction safe and secure.