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Welcome to Crowned Eagle Microfinance Bank Ltd.

Crowned Eagle microfinance Bank is a bank limited company, operating in Nigeria under license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Independent, locally owned and managed.

The Bank is located in a metropolitan area of Lagos state. It is an emerging innovative bank in a modern world.

The Bank is set up to provide a wide range of retail banking services including demand, savings, cheque accounts, consumer loans, letters of credit and cash management. Our focus is on a broad line of financial products and services to small and medium sized businesses, and to provide diversified, affordable and dependable financial services to ordinary people, in a timely and competitive manner that, would enable them to undertake and develop long term, sustainable entrepreneurial activities through our modern banking office in Lagos, as well as through internet banking services.

Our Vision is to be one of the best microfinance banks in Nigeria, competing vigorously and efficiently with others, maximizing our resources using modern technology to the benefit of our customers.

We are taking microfinance banking to a new level with a greater commitment to the highest standards of corporate governance, and to operate our business in a sustainable manner. We provide a financial resource that understands and is sensitive to the needs of our community, by creating employment opportunities and to facilitate increase productivity of small and medium businesses by giving appropriate support.

We have social responsibility to helping ordinary people improve their lives and move our of poverty. Essentially, making credit available, by avoiding restrictive impasse to banking and such facilities.


Cash Management
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Management Team
We are working hard to bring value to our customers Crowned Eagle community Bank is a customer driven bank committed to being an ethical advocate...

Product and Services We have tailored our products to suit different categories of customers.
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